Turtleson – From The Links To Life

9 Oct

Turtleson Golf

Because of our affiliation with Road Holland, at S&S, we’re hyper-alert for active gear makers that have an eye for serious style. We love it when companies realize that life off the field, off the court, or off whatever playing arena suits your fancy, is just as important as life on it.

So here’s one that just made our docket for golf – Turtleson. It makes an impressive range of apparel designed for on and off the course (or as they say it, “From the links to life.”).

Turtleson Greg and ChetS&S readers know about my newfound appreciation for golf so I took a keen interest when the catalog showed up at my house last week. I don’t know who Greg and Chet are (they may very well be the handsome couple in many of the photos) but I like the way they write:

We’re golfers. Our company creates world-class performance apparel for men and women. Our gear is available in the finest golf shops and resorts across the country.

We’re also husbands, fathers, friends, and active members of our community. We understand that before and after a great round of golf, life happens.

More than just performance gear in your locker at the club, you also need clothes you can count on in your closet at home. That’s why we are so proud of our brand. Turtleson takes you effortlessly from the foulest St. Andrew’s tempest to a relaxing weekend getaway with family and friends. We make apparel for how we live our lives, both on and off the course.

They nailed it. I don’t want to look like I’m on the PGA tour when I step up to the tee-box. You won’t find me in blade sunglasses, wide white belts, and skin tight polos. One backswing and my cover would be blown anyway.

Turtleson’s threads have a preppy but fresh feel that will surely be at home in my closet. Golf – Turtleson – Me… Hey, it’s the missing link…

– Jonathan

One Response to “Turtleson – From The Links To Life”

  1. Greg October 9, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    Hi Jonathan,

    It’s Greg from Turtleson. Just wanted to say thanks for the nice comments…and no, that’s not us…we’re not nearly that good looking but we do love great apparel. Keep in touch.


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