Crooked Arrows – a Film with Some Hometown Roots

10 May

Lacrosse is one of the only sports using a ball that holds any special place in my heart. In the early 80s in Richmond, Virginia, Richard and I played it in middle school as it was just making its way down from its traditional strongholds in Maryland and parts of the Northeast.

Naturally, I had all the gear including a killer set of gold Brine gloves that I cried over when they got muddy. I had two sticks – a green and gold STX with a “standard” pocket and an orange Brine with mesh. My cool looks stopped about there as my mother made me wear a chest protector even though I wasn’t the goalie. And certainly the gear did not translate into prowess.  Richard’s equipment was no better, he wore an old football helmet (which most of the other kids playing did as well).  I was terrible at Lacrosse it and my career ended at the intramural stage. However, I did go to UVa where I was fortunate to watch some of the best players in the nation win all of the time.

While the sport of lacrosse is quite popular now, viewership and participation still pale in comparison to flagship collegiate sports such football and basketball. “Crooked Arrows,” a new movie hopes to accelerate the appeal of the “fastest sport on two feet.” It premiered yesterday in Syracuse and should be winding its way to theaters near you soon.

We’re also excited about this movie for a personal reason. Mitchell Peck, one of the producers, and Todd Baird one of the writers, both hail from Richmond and were our schoolmates at Collegiate. Kudos to them both. I wonder who they cast to play me and Richard?


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