Charlottesville’s Revolutionary Soup: from the hearty to the gourmet

9 May

Sometime you chance a rain storm to get a long bike ride in, especially when you are training for a hard one. So gray skies didn’t deter us when we headed to Charlottesville to practice hill climbing for the upcoming Tour de Vine MS-150 Ride. In all we tackled 1800 feet of hills and about 45 minutes into this 2.5 hour cool day the rain began to fall. By the end of the ride, none of us could feel our toes.

The highlight of this trip was where we stopped for lunch; where else to warm up than a soup shop called Revolutionary Soup. We weren’t alone, the place was packed! Stand in the long soup line and wait to choose from an endless list of homemade soups and pair it off with a sandwich – all of which are made from mostly local and organic ingredients.

I had the Lamb Curry soup made with potatoes, lentils, & spinach – served over organic brown rice & garnished with yogurt, scallions, & cilantro. But the offered variety had me wishing I didn’t go for the medium sized bowl and opted for two small bowls of different soups. The other soup that caught my eye was Spicy Senegalese Peanut Tofu soup – and there were eleven soups to choose from.  On the side, I got a smoked ham & melted brie sandwich with arugula & fig dijon spread on sunflower wheat.

With two locations in Charlottesville, this soup shop is sure to be a frequent stop for us.


Revolutionary Soup on Urbanspoon

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