Philadelphia’s Parc Brasserie

6 Mar

Back in October, Richard and I had the good fortune to be in Philadelphia one Saturday to experience the first snowfall of the season in the Northeast. We were there to exhibit Road Holland at the Philly Bike Expo which took place in the not quite so well insulated Philadelphia Armory building. Even though it was great fun, the long cold, damp day on our feet had us looking forward to a good meal that night.

The Parc Brasserie, on Rittenhouse Square, was just the ticket. From the zinc bar to the baguettes, this place has all the trappings of a traditional French brasserie.

The place is big – very big. Even still, there was a wait for a table so Richard and I opted for two seats at the bar. I don’t remember the Belgian beer I had, but I know I had three. Having recently emerged from a vegetarian phase, I was happy to partake on melt-in-your-mouth roasted diver scallops. Richard opted for a more traditional wine and fish pairing with hardly a word during the meal and certainly no complaints. Service was brisk, unobtrusive, and buttoned-up.

We’re back in Philly next October for year three of the Expo. Save us two seats at the bar!

Parc on Urbanspoon

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