10 iconic characters each drawn in the style of 10 famous cartoonists

19 Dec
10 iconic characters each drawn in the style of 10 famous cartoonists

10 iconic characters each drawn in the style of 10 famous cartoonists

Have a happy, happy, happy, Happy Hanukkah.

4 Dec

Road Holland Menorah

A Public Services Announcement From The Guys From Road Holland Cycling Apparel:

Hanukkah begins the evening of December 16 and lasts until nightfall on December 24, then another holiday takes over.

To prepare for eight nights of gift giving, everything is on sale at www.RoadHolland.com

It’s a simple truth – when you look better, you feel better.  And when it comes to cycling, you’ll also ride better.

At Road Holland, we believe everyone deserves to look great on their bikes.  That’s why you’ll find an array of cycling gear with top notch fabrics, classic styles, beautiful colors, and sizes to fit everyone.

A Jersey with dinner? Marty Jemison thinks so!

27 Aug

Marty Jemison Cycling Tours
In addition to being a Road Holland customer, Marty Jemison is a former US professional cyclist. During his career from 1994 to 2000, Jemison completed two Tours de France and won a US National Road Race Championship.

Jemison’s prowess in the peloton during those formative years of US cycling places him in the pantheon of American riders.

Currently, Marty runs a cycling tour company which offers training camps for professional teams and leisure excursions for groups of cyclists like ourselves. Don’t let the wine fool you though – Marty is all business on the road. Don’t expect a lightweight experience – just expect to come back a few pounds lighter even with all the great food you can enjoy.

US Collegiate Road Nationals 2014

23 May

The US Collegiate Road Nationals were held in Richmond, Virgina in May 2014. Come see the UCI World’s Championship in 2015.

Made in America – Road Holland Cycling Apparel

30 Apr
Road Holland Cycling Apparel - Made In America

Road Holland Cycling Apparel – Made In America

No three words seem to give us more hope these days than Made in America. But it’s easy to forget that Made in America is more than just a feel-good slogan. It’s more than a union battle cry or some politician’s rhetoric. Made in America is ultimately about people. It’s about relationships. It’s about taking pride in our work because whatever we make, we know who we’re making it for. We might not have the same lives, live in the same zip codes, or even natively speak the same language. But we share so much. What we make has an impact on you and what you buy has an impact on us. We’re all in this together. That’s what Made in America really means.

Veluwezoom Embrocation

10 Feb

Veluwezoom Embrocation

Named for the oldest national park in the Netherlands, our hand-made embrocation encourages you to go outside – in just about any weather.

If you’ve never used embro before, Veluwezoom is just for you. It has a light woodsy scent that, like everything we sell at Road Holland, does not scream cyclist. Your legs will feel it but the rest of your crew won’t be all hot and bothered by an overly pungent scent that makes them gasp for air even before they’ve saddled up.

Veluwezoom Embro is hand-made in North Carolina by some very good friends of ours. One tin contains approximately 3 oz and with typical application amounts, should last for the duration of a cold weather riding season.

Road Holland Cycling Apparel – You will be Celeste green with envy.

9 Dec

Road Holland Stylish Cycling Jacket

It’s not by accident that we chose the names Amsterdam and Rotterdam for our newest Road Holland jerseys. These two garments represent the current height of our knowledge about how to make outstanding cycling gear. Only the names of the 2 biggest cities in the Netherlands would fit.

Road Holland Stylish Cycling JerseyWe launched Road Holland in 2010 with 4 jerseys – a long and a short sleeve style for men and women. As we had no fashion experience, it was a big achievement – getting the fabric right, refining the cut, and adding the little details that make a jersey stand out from the rest of the peloton all took loads of time and effort. In the end though, the hard work paid off and the market responded with an overwhelming YES to our products. We kept going.

Right about this time last year, we realized we needed to step up our product line in a big way. The dropping temps highlighted the opportunity to make a serious and stylish jersey that performed as well as a jacket. We undertook a long search for the fabric and worked throughout 2013 refining prototypes. In the end, we settled on a soft-shell like 68% poly, 28% Merino, 4% spandex blend. While the material is tough and will wear like iron over time, it’s not windproof so we added polyester “storm” panels in the front core section. Road Holland Celeste Green Cycling JacketWe re-thought our standard 3 + 1 pocket design and settled on 2 larger outside pockets and an exterior zippered pocket with a 5” opening. The result is more than enough room to carry rain shells, gloves, hats, and other cold weather necessities. The 5” wide exterior pocket will fully encase a large smartphone and provides an eyelet passthrough to the main body of the jacket for routing headphone cables. Other details on the jacket include velcro closable cuffs and a cinchable waist.

It’s easy for a brand to rest on a color scheme – everyone knows Road Holland is all about orange and we’ve used it for all of our seasonal line-ups in one way or another. To keep things fresh, we broke with our tradition yet chose one of the most traditional cycling colors of all (but oddly not present in cycling apparel) – Celeste Green. According to Wikipedia, the fountain of Internet knowledge, “Contradictory myths say Celeste is the color of the Milan sky, the eye color of a former queen of Italy for whom Edoardo Bianchi made a bicycle (the crowned eagle of the company logo is an adaptation of the former royal crest) and that it was a mixture of surplus military paint. The shade has changed over the years, sometimes more blue, then more green.”

Whatever the derivation, Celeste is a Road Holland style color – unique without being flamboyant. As we like to say around our office, anyone who sees you in an Amsterdam or Rotterdam this winter will be “Celeste green with envy.”



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